About Us & What We Do

Our mission and goal is clear – the Hertfordshire Pain Consultants clinic, spearheaded by expert in the field Doctor Johann Emmanuel, is dedicated to helping sufferers of chronic (persistent) pain. To this end, we use a comprehensive range of leading pain relief methods to give our patients a pain treatment program that effectively suits their individual needs.

Pain Management Explained

Pain management is a medical speciality that tackles complex and persistently severe pain issues caused by a wide range of spinal and nerve related conditions, including back pain, chronic neck pain, migraines and acute arthritic pain. To treat each patient’s unique health problems, our specialist pain management doctor works closely with experts from other medical fields, such as acupuncture, physiotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. From medication and injections to rehabilitation and relaxation therapy, our clinic will provide a complete strategy that allows you to minimise chronic pain and prevent it from taking over your life.

Testimonials & Clients

K. R

I wanted to write a letter to you because I’m so grateful to you and your team at the pain management clinic.  After spending over 15 years with the most horrendous headaches and seeing dozens of different doctors and therapists finally you have managed to get them under control.  Thank you for taking the time to genuinely listen to me and my problems.  Much appreciated.

S. H

I wanted to take the time to thank you in all that you have done to help me, people are quick to moan but never to praise, so again I really appreciate all the care and time that you have given.

Our Pain Management Approach

Above all, our approach is comprehensive – we focus not only on pain management, but also on restoring you to a state of mental well-being and quality of life. While we treat each patient as completely unique in the type of pain affecting them and the way they experience it, our success in combating chronic or acute pain relies on the following foundation:

1 – Understand

Time and again patients come to us in distress after having been through a barrage of doctors, tests and medications without finding any real pain relief. We believe that it is absolutely vital to take time to fully understand the symptoms and lifestyle of our individual patients so that we can successfully arrive at the most effective pain treatment program for their needs.

2 – Diagnose

With 10 years’ experience as a pain management specialist, Doctor Emmanuel excels at getting to the root of the conditions which cause people to suffer chronic pain. We are stringently thorough with the diagnosis stage so we can be sure to tackle the problem at its source.

3 – Tailored Pain Solution

Our specialist will formulate a comprehensive, strategic approach to best combat and alleviate your individual pain condition, with the goal of restoring your quality of life.

Pain Treatment Overview

Rest assured, whatever treatment we propose will be carefully explained so that you have full confidence in your pain management program. These are the three main avenues of treatment for chronic pain relief:


Unlike the usual aches and pains we all experience, persistent extreme pain cannot be simply nipped in the bud with a dose of over the counter Paracetamol or Ibuprofen. What’s more, nerve related pain is usually resistant to normal pain medication. Our pain specialist will prescribe the medicine regime most appropriate to your specific needs, with the understanding that the basis of effective medication is to provide excellent results with minimal side effects. We will also monitor your progress carefully and make adjustments as needed.

Complementary Treatments

We work with other experienced health professionals in fields such as acupuncture, physiotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy to treat your chronic pain by helping your body and mind to boost its natural healing process.

The Big Guns

In addition to prescribed medications, science has availed us of targeted pain relief solutions to tackle more difficult issues – there are a number of injection treatments which target pain where it originates. Examples include an epidural for back pain, nerve root injection to block pain signals, sacroiliac joint injection for lower back and leg pain plus facet joint injections for arthritis and back pain sufferers.

Other treatments can be more robust – radiofrequency denervation for example uses injections to burn the nerve supplying a particular joint to provide long lasting relief for those who have severe arthritis pain.

When all treatment options have been tried and are not giving our patient any significant pain relief, there are also surgery options that we can look at.

Please feel free to Contact our team of experts to discuss your individual condition and needs – as a specialist pain management clinic, we are dedicated to providing the pain relief solution that will best allow you to resume living life to the fullest.

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